1999 Fire project

I worked with the theme of fire for two years. The project consisted of drawings and one-of-a-kind artist‘s books. I drew obsessively during this time, drawing after drawing, each deffering only slightly from the last. In my studio I have boxes of these drawings. I was initially attracted to fire visually, and in my drawings I challenged myself to capture fire’s changeable, elusive and mesmerizing presence.
The drawings were various sizes, from 30 x 22 inches to 420 x 90 inches. First I worked with charcoal, acrylic and pastels on paper; and later with oil sticks on Mylar. I changed my material because the transparency of Mylar was better suited to my subject matter – transparency of fire and smoke.
Through this engagement with images of fire, I started to explore fire as a metaphor for life and a symbol of metamorphosis. Fire was not only awesome earthly phenomenon, but also an important mythological element. In the Fire project, I explored nature at its most transformative.